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Exceptional Service Levels

The Data Centre at GOSS is a state-of-the-art facility that allows GOSS Managed Services to provide services at the highest level to all our clients. It is within our own secure facilities and directly under the control of our highly qualified staff, who monitor the facilities 24/7.

At GOSS we have been hosting mission-critical transactional websites and intranets for over fifteen years. We are a unique hosting partner by virtue that we also provide full application support for our own range of content management products and solutions.


With an enormous amount of products and services now available online, security measures are crucial to prevent any accidental or malicious attacks. To ensure the security of our clients sites, we implement the following:

Firewall Protection

All servers within the GOSS network have Firewall protection to protect them from external breaches and attacks. Our main firewalls run additional security modules which protect against common intrusion methods by inspecting and dropping malicious traffic.

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

This is an Internet Protocol, which means that data is transmitted securely over an encrypted channel. GOSS is a hosting partner of Thawte™, a subsidiary company of Verisign™.


Monitoring is constant across all major security bulletins and ensures that our engineers are immediately notified should a problem arise.

Virus Protection

Provides protection against any unwanted processes that may be of an malicious nature.

Reporting & Analysis

Using Log Analyser software and iCM functionality, GOSS Managed Services offers a powerful reporting system, which enables you to utilise the service to achieve usable statistics. In addition, GOSS Managed Services offers reporting and analysis tools relating to security logging, server performance and site tuning.

Server Performance

By using analysis tools, each individual server and service can be carefully calibrated to achieve optimum efficiency.

Enterprise Level Hosting

Our Hosted Services are supported using industry recognised enterprise level hardware and software vendors. All of our virtualisation is powered by VMware, network equipment powered by Cisco and server infrastructure powered by Dell.

As we specialise in providing fully managed services we have full control over all the infrastructure and services running within the infrastructure, allowing us to scale and tune the performance of every aspect of our Hosting Services and provide the highest level of security possible.

Operating Systems

Our highly skilled Hosted Services engineers are experienced in a range of operating systems from most Microsoft Windows® versions to a large variety of Linux distributions. We always endeavour to run and evaluate and use the latest version of any operating system when it becomes available. 

Reliability & Robustness

Our data centre has all the standard resilience and security features in place, including independent power distribution paths, redundant Uninterrupted Power Supplies, backup generators, automatic fire suppression, resilient air conditioning, environmental monitoring, swipe card access control, intruder alarm system and CCTV. Access to our facility can only be gained under the supervision and with approval from a GOSS Hosted Services engineer.

Due to the importance of high availability and resilience we also have the following in place:

  • Redundant power supplies on all hardware connected to independent power and UPS circuits
  • Redundant network connections for all inter connectivity between components
  • Redundant disks and storage controls for all storage arrays
  • Resilient geographically diverse internet connectivity from independent connectivity providers
  • Internet edge intrusion prevention systems
  • Offsite replication and secure storage of all backups
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan for all services as part of our Business Continuity Plan

Each customer and environment is segregated into their own dedicated private networks and extensive Access Control Lists and Firewall services are in place to lock down access to services. All changes to network and security related services are audited and governed by change control procedures.

Disaster Recovery

We understand the seriousness of disaster recovery, should a major incident occur, our disaster recovery strategy and facilities will be utilised.

Details of the disaster recovery strategy and facilities cannot be disclosed for security reasons.


GOSS Managed Services offers a comprehensive and complete Service Level Agreement.


Growing expectations of users means that any hosting service must respond by providing high-speed access. Achieving optimum speed of service encourages customer retention, and as a result increases revenue. As your business develops, so can your sites through increases bandwidth and server access, allowing you to structure change and maintain competitive edge.

The principal factor in slowing down a services is bandwidth contention, where more than one service is competing for the bandwidth over a connection. GOSS Managed Services can provide bandwidth appropriate to your needs, allowing services to run at their optimum level.

Service demands are constantly monitored in order to ensure that the required bandwidth is provided. GOSS will recommend upgrading the bandwidth and/or moving to a higher specification server should the service be suffering.

High Availability

In order to ensure availability of sites, we have the following systems in place:


Our data centre is monitored around the clock by fully independent systems, which also monitor one another. Both systems have independent power with UPS (uninterruptible power supply) backup. In the event that urgent assistance is required, and engineer will be immediately notified.

Port Polling

All services are queried regularly to ensure that the full application can be processed timely and accurately. A poll can be considered as 'successful' if the correct content returns with certain time parameters.

Engineer Support

GOSS have a dedicated out-of-hours help line, connecting directly to an on-call engineer, who can, in the event of a problem, be notified immediately.


All cabinets and servers have local UPS power, which is further supported by an onsite backup generator.

Upgrades & Patches

GOSS Managed Services engineers monitor reliable security bulletins and mailing lists on a daily basis. New patches released by Microsoft, Macromedia or other vendors are tested on a matching development platform before being deployed to live servers. Patches are deployed as soon as possible after testing, depended on the severity level defined by the vendor. Clients are normally only notified if the patch must be installed during normal working hours.