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What happens if there are more chat requests than available agents?

LiveChat enables you to configure the maximum number of concurrent conversations per agent and a maximum queue time.

Within LiveChat you can configure the maximum number of concurrent chats that any one agent may be able to handle at one time. Initially we recommend up to 4, but this can be changed.

The maximum queue time may also be configured. The button does not disappear if everyone is engaged in their maximum number of calls as it would be very difficult to know whether or not a conversation is about to finish and therefore an agent becoming available.

If the maximum queue time is reached, a message is given to the user to notify them that no one is available at the time and they can come back later, or fill in the contact form. Through your reports you would be able to identify how many missed chats there are to then calculate whether or not LiveChat needs additional resources added or maybe have the queue time increased or the maximum  number of concurrent chats increased per agent.

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