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Platinum Plan

£9,500 per annum. 545 Credits

The Platinum Plan is the premium offering of Access Plus.

The Platinum Plan is the highest level of Access Plus. The Plan ensures a focused website improvement strategy can be adopted, with 545 credits to utilise throughout the year. The Platinum Plan enables strategic improvements to the usability and effectiveness of your website whilst ensuring authors are kept up-to-date with the latest of available technology within GOSS iCM.

In addition, the Platinum Plan provides the optimum of up front savings to capitalise on internal efficiency through reduced administration and provides the fullest range of access to GOSS services.

Example of Plan usage

As an illustration of the services you could secure with the Platinum Plan you could order:

  • One implementation of the latest upgrade version of GOSS iCM for your website, on your development and live environment
  • One day onsite training sessions ensuring your team are up-to-date with the very latest innovations from GOSS
  • A specific review of your website Search and User Journey analysis to better understand the customers experience of your site
  • GOSS Professional Services to help implement review findings 
  • Technical Consultancy and knowledge transfer on integrating third party systems
  • Streamline of your hosting provision to make sure your site is fully optimised and performing as expected

You choose

Credits can be redeemed against a range of services.

Process Review
User Journey Analytics
Technical Consultancy
Hosting Consultancy
Information Architecture Review
Content Migration

More detailed service descriptions can be found here.

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