Who and why?

Welcome to the latest Transformation blog series where we are focusing on digital transformation: the joys, the pitfalls and the lessons that can be learnt from sharing experiences.

6 Steps to Digital Transformation



We are the Transformation consultants working for GOSS Interactive, a small-medium sized company based in Plymouth. We spend our working days helping organisations undertake all forms of digital transformation.

Head of TransformationTransformation ConsultantDave is based down in Cornwall and Nicola is based near Bath.

Both have (too) many years' experience in local government and have delivered many transformation projects for many different organisations.

The Transformation team have developed the 6 steps to digital transformation:

6 Steps to Digital Transformation

Over the coming weeks, we will be looking at each of these steps and demonstrating what each involves and the activity that can help you with your digital transformation journey. We will use case studies and real examples of what we have seen and achieved with our customers.

For more information about us, the work that we do and how we could help you deliver your transformation programmes visit  www.gossinteractive.com/digital-transformation

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