Form videos

GOSS iCM forms are powerful and extensible

These short videos introduce some of the basic functionality that can be implemented with GOSS iCM forms.

Creating an address form and save as snippet in GOSS iCM

Creating a form

Introduction to GOSS iCM forms builder and demonstration of creating a basic form.

Creating a new multi-page form in GOSS iCM

Creating a new multi-page form

Expanding a form into a multi-page form.

Commonly used field types

Commonly used field types

Some of the most useful field types available.

Editing a multi-page form in GOSS iCM

Editing a multi-page form

Powerful multi-page form features and management.

Using blueprints and snippets to quickly build forms in GOSS iCM

Re-using form content to build new forms

Re-using content to quickly make new forms (blueprints and snippets).

Using form actions e.g. email in GOSS iCM

Using form actions

Extending form functionality with form actions.

Adding a form to an article in GOSS iCM

Adding a form to an article

Publishing a form to a website and form validation.

Submitting forms and viewing data in GOSS iCM

Submitting forms and viewing form data

Viewing and editing forms submitted from a website in GOSS iCM.

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